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Distributed systems require something to trace what is happening inside a software architecture, useful for a lot of things (first of all troubleshooting).

If our system is composed of a lot of microservices, it’s important to understand if a specific service has performance issues that can be critical for the whole architecture. Generally speaking, a Trace is the representation of a connected operations sequence

Spring Cloud Kubernetes

Every application needs a configuration, usually on a separated property file that can be read at runtime and this configuration probably changes with the environment. Also, cloud native applications need configurations and in this article, we will see how to use Kubernetes ConfigMap to provide this sort of configuration to our Spring application

Kubernetes Configmap

In Kubernetes, we have ConfigMap, a native component useful to manage configurations. ConfigMap enables us to separate configurations from Pod (and obviously from our application). Data contained in ConfigMap can be injected in the definition of the Pod using different strategies, for example, we can see it…

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When you use AWS Lambda functions, among different regions, for different projects, you will probably run out of control. Keep track of the resources on the AWS platform can be difficult and Lambda functions are one of these resources.

Some time ago I read this interesting article from Nitzan Shapira, where you can find a useful script to collect informations about the execution of your Lambda functions, using the log streams all over the regions. I modify this script to create a Lambda function (another?!?!) that can send these informations by email on a scheduled check

In this article I show how to create a simple application to shorten URL, using CosmosDB and Azure Function. The architecture of this simple application is the following one

There are two main functionalities in this application

  • Creation of a new short URL
  • Retrieve real URL address

These two functionalities can be easily mapped to two Azure Functions, which writes/reads data from a data repository (Azure CosmosDB). Azure Function Proxy can be used in front of these functions, using a unique URL for this application and two different HTTP methods, GET and POST, to manage READ and CREATE function respectively.

CosmosDB setup

an alternative way to waste time and discover how to make a funny Serverless Hello World with 4 languages and 4 public cloud providers

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Serverless (or FaaS) is the buzzword of the moment in IT world, so after reading various articles I started writing examples on different public cloud platforms. Each of these is giving away a free tier where you can play with a lot of services and, of course, you can find a sort of Serverless engine.

I don’t want to explain what Serverless is, where can be used and what could be the benefits of using this…

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